REN21 and GRA join forces to reinforce renewable energy as a pillar of climate change mitigation, sustainable development and economic growth

New York, 20 September 2023 |Against a backdrop of unstable energy prices, supply security challenges and urgent warnings about climate change the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) and the Global Renewables Alliance (GRA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that underlines their joint commitment to fasttracking the transition to renewable energy. 

Renewable energy is the most reliable, cost-effective energy option and has witnessed a significant growth in recent years. The transition to renewable energy has also brought a wide range of benefits for the nations that have adopted it. These include job creation, bolstering local economic value chains, advancing gender equality, and enhancing public healthHowever, the recent growth in renewables falls short of what is urgently required to meet 2030 and 2050 net zero and development targets.  

In line with the recent UN assessments, REN21 and GRA emphasise that no country is currently on a credible pathway to limiting global warming below 1.5°C. Last year, power sector emissions reached an all-time high, and unabated fossil fuels still account for over 60% of total global electricity generation. 

In this context, REN21 and GRA recognise the necessity of bringing together the largest global renewable energy multi-stakeholder voice with a strong renewable energy industry voice. As the only global community of renewable energy actors representing governments, NGOs, academia and industry, REN21 ensures a diversity of perspectives and insights to support informed decisions and better actions. Working together, REN21 and GRA will engage in activities to create a stronger, collective voice to drive the push for the transition to a renewables-based energy system that supports both economies and societies.  

Rana Adib, Executive Director, REN21 said: “We welcome the creation of the Global Renewables Alliance (GRA) as a unified and powerful voice of renewable energy industry leaders, most of which are Members of REN21.  We look forward to collaborating with GRA to drive the energy transition.  We must capitalise on the growing momentum for the tripling of installed renewable energy capacity to push for wider renewable uptake especially in the high energy consuming sectors such as the transport and heating.  Turning such a target into a reality within the next seven years requires that all forces are leveraged and focused.” 

Bruce Douglas, CEO, GRA said: “Delivering the huge amount of renewable energy required to meet net zero targets requires collaboration in every sector, and the Global Renewables Alliance is delighted be collaborating with REN21 to help drive policy decisions that will help realise the aim of tripling renewable energy by 2030, and then building on that momentum to achieve net zero by 2050. We look forward to our continued collaboration with the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century.” 

About REN21 – Renewables Now 

REN21 is the only global renewable energy community that brings together actors from science, academia, governments, NGOs, and industry to collectively drive the rapid, fair transition to renewables. Founded in 2004, REN21 has over 18 years of experience in providing credible insights and connecting ecosystems inside and outside the renewable energy sphere. Our objective is to support and accelerate the transition to renewable energy.  

Today, REN21 drives the renewable energy transition by creating an enabling environment for renewables to become the obvious choice. We ensure a systemic approach, opening multi-sectoral and inter-disciplinary spaces for communication and debate to drive the uptake of renewables. Our ever-growing community comprises over 100 members and more than 4,000 experts from all regions who continuously contribute to REN21’s knowledge, dialogue, and communication efforts. Collectively, we work to drive the rapid uptake of renewables. Together. 

About the Global Renewables Alliance

The Global Renewables Alliance ( GRA) represents the leading international industry players and provides a unified renewable energy voice. Comprised of founding members the Global Wind Energy Council, the Global Solar Council, the International Hydropower Association, the International Geothermal Association, the Long Duration Energy Storage Council and the Green Hydrogen Organisation, the Alliance aims to increase ambition and accelerate the uptake of renewable energy across the world. #RenewablesNow

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