What is the Global Renewables Alliance?

Leading industry players have united to form a unified renewable energy voice: The Global Renewables Alliance.

One voice calling for increased ambition and accelerated uptake of renewable energy.

The global stocktake of the Paris Agreement presents a pivotal point in the COP process, and vital moment for the renewables sector to speak with one voice. COP28 represents the last major chance to get the world back on track and hold nations account for delivering on their environmental targets.

Meet the Steering Committee

Julia Souder

Chair, GRA

CEO, Long Duration Energy Storage Council

Ben Backwell

Vice-Chair, GRA

CEO, Global Wind Energy Council

Marit Brommer

Vice-Chair, GRA

Executive Director, International Geothermal Association

Sonia Dunlop

Vice-Chair, GRA

CEO, Global Solar Council

Jonas Moberg

Vice-Chair, GRA


Eddie Rich

Vice-Chair, GRA

CEO, International Hydropower Association

Meet the Team

Bruce Douglas

CEO, Global Renewables Alliance

Reshmi Ladwa

COP28 Programme Director

Emerson Clarke

Policy Director

Alex Bath

Communications Director

Trigya Singh

Senior Coordinator

Rachel Cheng

Communications Officer
GRA Staff- Benji

Beniamin Strzelecki

COP28 Campaign Officer

Gurbani Walia


Arthur Wiggers


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