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How can you help deliver #3xRenewables globally to at least 11,000 GW by 2030?

Join us at the Global Renewables Hub in the heart of COP28’s Blue Zone to discuss with political leaders, industry figures and key stakeholders and push for an ambitious global renewables target is at the top of the agenda in Dubai.
  • Hundreds of world-class speakers

  • More than 50 public sessions on a wide range of topics

  • Five receptions and networking events

  • Cycling for Climate ride and Kitesurf demonstration

  • Fresh juice and coffee bar

The global stocktake of the Paris Agreement is a pivotal moment in the COP process. The COP presidency and member countries will deliver a comprehensive audit of implementation and global progress towards the goals set out in 2015; ultimately, is the world on course for limiting global warming to 1.5C?

While political momentum has grown in recent years we are facing a growing gap between ambitious climate targets and actual transformational implementation. Renewable energy will be the backbone of the new global energy system, that is clear from the roadmap laid out by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). 

Growth in renewables means many things beyond installing renewable energy – it means electrification, grid development, rapid coal phaseout and true decarbonisation of the transport, industry, and building sectors as well as many other areas that currently rely on polluting fossil fuels. 

The Global Renewables Hub at COP28 in Dubai will be the centre of discussions and decisions that will help turn ambition into action and ensure the energy transition delivers the tripling of renewable energy by 2030 that will set us on the path to net zero. 

Location: Global Renewables Hub, B2-17



COP28 UAE presents a key moment in the journey to a net zero world. Join us there.

Tripling renewable power and doubling energy efficiency by 2030: Crucial steps towards 1.5°C

Representing global perspectives within the renewable energy and climate change space, this report by the COP28 Presidency, IRENA and the Global Renewables Alliance (GRA) provides recommendations on the means to triple renewable power generation capacity and double the energy efficiency improvement rate by 2030.

The GRA's Sessions at COP28

The critical role of long duration energy storage in the energy transition: now is the time

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Powering Sustainable Growth: the Bali Statement on Hydropower

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The ignored crisis within the crisis: the need for pumped storage and hydro

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Raising the bar on hydrogen standards: launching the Green Hydrogen Standard 2.0

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Futuristic Frontiers: AI’s Impact on Energy Transition

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Championing Renewable Energy Mega Projects

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Attracting investments for the energy transition in the Global South, spotlighting innovative industry solutions to un-lock private capital

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Planning for Climate Commission

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Securing the global supply chain for wind energy

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Breaking Barriers with Distributed Solar: Illuminating the Global South’s Energy Landscape

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JETPs – Enabler for a Just Energy Transition

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The journey towards, and benefits of, hourly matched renewable energy (24/7 CFE)

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Implementing a Plan of Action: Investing in Grids as an Energy Transition Enabler

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In the driving seat of the African renewables and green hydrogen economy

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Powering APAC with renewables and green hydrogen

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COP28 Policy Agenda

Tripling renewable energy capacity by 2030 will be the defining mission of this era, and the GRA - representing the joint industry voices of the energy transition - is ready to work with governments, the private sector, financing institutions and society to reach this goal and create a just, equitable and inclusive energy transition for all.

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