Corporate Sourcing @ GRS24

New York, United States

In New York, during the Global Renewables Summit, GRA will host a high level roundtable that aims to explore the current landscape and future pathways for corporate renewable energy sourcing in EMDEs. By addressing the key guiding questions, the event will facilitate a comprehensive dialogue among industry experts, policymakers, financiers, and international collaborators.

Through these focused discussions on the role of governments, financial institutions and corporations, the event seeks to foster actionable insights and strategic partnerships that will drive the sustainable energy transition in emerging and developing economies. Additionally, the discussions will include identifying key milestones and metrics to measure progress towards widespread 24/7 CFE adoption and the role of  public-private finance in achieving these targets. The session aims at informing the public and putting forward hourly matching as an enabler of grid decarbonization and a just and inclusive energy transition.


Trigya Singh

Senior Coordinator

Gabriele Pelucchi

Policy Assistant