Global industry leaders and IRENA join forces to accelerate renewable deployment

June 8, 2023

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8 June 2023, Bonn | The International Renewable Energy Agency and Global Renewables Alliance signed an MoU today to work together towards a rapid, sustainable, affordable and inclusive energy transition. The world needs renewables now and policymakers must have a clear-eyed focus on delivering them – this partnership will help ensure that happens. IRENA’s target of 1 TW of new renewable capacity annually to 2030 will guide ambition for this work.

This partnership will have a laser-targeted focus on ensuring the delivery of renewable energy around the world, and support policymakers in overcoming barriers that hinder the rapid growth in renewables that the world needs to stay on the 1.5 °C pathway.

COP28 represents a major chance for the world to get on track to meet our climate goals. IRENA and GRA will collaborate on a wide range of initiatives including raising awareness on the high impact corporate sourcing of renewable energy including hourly matching (24/7 Carbon Free Energy). The activities will build momentum to the dedicated global renewable energy hub at COP 28.

The work carried out at this pioneering hub will deliver leadership to ensure genuine implementation. Bringing collaboration among governments, industry and other key stakeholders from all parts of the world to the heart of COP28 to support holistic, clean energy solutions delivering energy transitions globally.

Francesco La Camera, Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency, said: “Now more than ever we must redesign international cooperation and enhance closer collaborations with major players to accelerate and scale up the energy transition. It is a pleasure to take this significant step with the Alliance, as some of its founding members have been an active part of IRENA Coalition for Action’s family. I am convinced that this new partnership with leading voices of renewables will catalyse tangible commitments at COP28 and beyond, further amplifying our common efforts to get the transition on track.”

Bruce Douglas, CEO of the Global Renewables Alliance, said: “We need #RenewablesNow. The global energy transition will only be delivered at scale and speed through collaboration. It is vital that industry and governments now work together to accelerate renewable energy deployment. GRA are therefore delighted to be collaborating with IRENA in this critical year for the transition – our united voices will be fundamental to COP28 delivering the renewable pathway the world needs.”

About the Global Renewables Alliance

The Global Renewables Alliance ( GRA) represents the leading international industry players and provides a unified renewable energy voice. Comprised of founding members the Global Wind Energy Council, the Global Solar Council, the International Hydropower Association, the International Geothermal Association, the Long Duration Energy Storage Council and the Green Hydrogen Organisation, the Alliance aims to increase ambition and accelerate the uptake of renewable energy across the world.  #3xRenewables.


Saga Henriksdotter

Policy & Communications Officer