The journey towards, and benefits of, hourly matched renewable energy (24/7 CFE)


Hourly matched renewable energy, also known as 24/7 Carbon-Free Electricity (CFE), is a new approach to renewable energy procurement that offers a number of potential benefits, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, greater grid reliability, lower energy costs, and enhanced corporate sustainability. However, the journey towards 24/7 CFE is still in its early stages, and there are a number of challenges that need to be addressed.

This panel session will bring together cross sectoral experts to discuss the key benefits, opportunities, and challenges of 24/7 CFE. The panel will also explore collaborative strategies for accelerating its adoption and identify key actions that need to be taken. The desired outcomes of the panel session are to raise awareness of the benefits of 24/7 CFE, encourage discussion and collaboration among stakeholders, and identify key actions that need to be taken to accelerate its adoption.


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